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I see you.


You are a nurturing and supportive man who always puts his family first.

You are a dedicated father, lover, husband, partner and/or friend.

You do your best.


Yet you are feeling frustrated and stuck. You feel like no one notices…


You want to build a life that lets YOU feel nourished and supported, too!

You desperately need intimacy, physical contact, vitality and sex.

You have a strong career, and you are confident in your abilities at work but when it comes to life at home, you’re lost. 


You could use a little bit of help.


Whether you are married, never married, divorced, or somewhere in between, you and the mother of your kids have the ability to co-create a thriving family. Whether you have children now or haven’t even met each other yet, there is one thing I KNOW she will appreciate. Give your partner the gift of working on your relationship and family all by yourself.


Please choose from the following two offerings:


Relationship Framework Alignment — If you are married or in a committed, monogamous relationship with the mother of your kids, this one’s for you. 


Unleash the God Within — Everybody else, this one’s for you.


Now, crown yourself a King and build yourself a throne, because when we get done your Queen is going to be waiting for you at home.

With love,


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